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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa I started out doing photography in 2011 eventually becoming the team photographer for my high school basketball team. After high school I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh to get my Associate of Science degree in Film and Video. During my time at The Art Institute I began to enjoy the ENG and broadcasting aspect of video. Being a huge sports fan and playing sports all my life I set my sights on becoming a videographer for an NFL team. During my time in college I received the award for "Best Portfolio" in show at our classes yearly portfolio show. The next few years after college I worked various photography and video jobs eventually landing in local news. After working four years in local news with two being in a Top 25 market I reach my goal of working in the NFL. In 2022 I started a two year video production internship with the Pittsburgh Steelers. While working for the Steelers I continue to take on freelance jobs such as real estate, headshots, events and more.
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